Library Equipment

Adilam provides:

  • the world fastest sorting machines for libraries.
  • a range of library material bins.
  • custom fitted book return chutes.

Library Sorter

Return Chute


The Arcus sorters are designed specifically for libraries, are faster and have a smaller footprint than any other Library sorter system in the world. Arcus sorters allow many items to be returned at once and can be configured to sort 1200 items an hour.

The compact and modular design allows maximum flexibility with design and every sorter system is designed for the specific environment in which it is being installed.

Options include:

  1. Any number of bin configurations.
  2. One or Two sided tilting segments.
  3. 90 degree turning segments.
  4. 24 hour lockable chutes that open only when library items are sensed.
  5. Arcus Self-Levelling Smart Trolleys.
  6. Gentle on library materials.
  7. Safe and energy efficient.
  8. Smallest footprint on the market.

The Arcus sorters are compatible with many Library Management Systems and RFID tag formats.

Material Bins

Arcus Library Material Bins feature:

  1. Aluminium Composite structure, light weight but strong
  2. Automatic height adjusting internal platform, ensuring that the top of stack of items is always at the appropriate height.
  3. 3rd generation, Camera based "top of pile" detection system, monitors full area of bin for faultless height control
  4. Battery powered height control works anywhere the bin goes and automatically charges on either a charging station or when docked at a Arcus library item sorter with no secondary process required
  5. Industrial rated, ball bearing castor wheels, with mark-less rubber tires.
  6. Zero tilt internal platform, always level independent of how load is distributed, due to unique four corner support system.
  7. Sliding skirt Platform, no lost CD, DVD, or magazines.

Return Chutes

Adilam has been designing and manufacturing library material return chutes in Australia for over 10 years. Every chute is custom designed and can include:

  1. passive wind and rain blocking chutes
  2. manually or remote lockable and also RFID enabled chutes
  3. genuine experience with UHF, HF and LF Competing RFID technologies