What is Cloud Computing?

I keep hearing all about cloud this and cloud that. What exactly is this cloud and how does it work?

A cloud is basically a virtual network where the Internet is between the client applications and the server application. There are many advantages to cloud based computing, but of most interest is the lower cost and greater ease of deployment.

Adilam's cloud is a secure and reliable solution, stored on world class infrastructure using the most reliable IP network available on virtual servers for added redundancy all managed by in-house team.

Day to day connectivity is entirely web based removing the complexities of the RFID solution from your own network, simplifying support, and making maintenance and upgrades faster and easier.

Because of the unique Arcus design RFID readers are “plug and play” allowing them to be moved to new locations easily, a different building, or even to an outside venue. As Arcus is web based every station can also be used for all application functions. Arcus makes RFID simple for libraries, inventory management in hospitals, asset tracking, general logistics, people tracking and even security.

The Arcus applications are deployed as Rich Internet Application's (RIA) providing an interactive method using push technology to deliver information to web browsers. This allows readers to update web based screens without the need for user triggered screen refreshing. Applications such as Self Service, Returns, Asset movement, and Security are managed by the cloud, making upgrades simple and quick with no need to go on site. Using a cloud based solution lowers costs, removes the need for local servers, and system resources can be shared across multiple systems.