The Arcus platform simply manages the item, the person and the movement of the item(s) by the person, whereas the applications provide specific additional functionality. Each application has reporting or interfacing requirements and has the possibility of portals being used for security or tracking purposes.

The six core modules of the Arcus platform:

  • Assets
  • People
  • Inventory
  • Tracking
  • Kiosks & Portal Service
  • Enquiry & Reporting Service

are key but may be used differently across diverse applications. For example the Bicycle Store application uses the Assets module for the bicycle and the People module for the cyclist. The linkage between the two is permanent and the Portal service is used for access security purposes. In the library application the Assets module is used for books, the People module for borrowers and the Tracking module for managing the issue and return of the books to the borrower; the Portal Service is used for security purposes and the Kiosk service is used to provide a physical deployment platform.

The significant feature of Arcus is that the entire application platform is cloud based. Cloud Computing is rapidly becoming a common server deployment model. It is the certainly the preferred model for users who want a system that is quick to deploy and can grow with their business needs. There are many advantages to cloud based computing. Adilam's secure and reliable solution is located in world class infrastructure using the most reliable IP networks and virtual servers for added redundancy.

Because of the unique Arcus design, RFID readers are “plug and play” allowing them to be moved to new locations easily: a different building; or even to an outside venue. As Arcus is web based every station can also be used for all of the applications functions. Arcus makes RFID simple for all types of applications including libraries, CSSD in hospitals, asset tracking, general logistics, people tracking and even asset and access security.

The Arcus applications are Rich Internet Application's (RIA's) which provides an interactive method using push technology to deliver information to web browsers. This allows RFID readers to update web based screens without the need for user triggered screen refreshing. Applications such as Self Service, Returns, Asset movement, and Security are managed in the cloud, making upgrades simple and quick with no need for technical staff to go on site. Using a cloud based solution lowers costs, removes the need for local servers, and system resources can be shared between multiple systems.

Whilst each of the applications is individual, the hardware is able to provide information for more than one task. The Portal service, which can be deployed as security gates or door access controllers, can provide information to the Inventory module for stock control purposes, or to the Tracking module so that assets current location can be maintained.