Sorting Solutions

The Arcus sorters are designed specifically for libraries, are faster and have a smaller footprint than any other Library sorter system in the world. Arcus sorters allow many items to be returned at once and can be configured to sort more than 2,000 items per hour under certain circumstances.


The compact and modular design allows maximum flexibility with design and every sorter system is designed for the specific environment in which it is being installed.

Features available:

  • Any number of bin configurations
  • One or Two sided tilting segments.
  • 90 degree turning segments.
  • 24 hour lockable chutes that open only when library items are sensed.
  • Arcus Self-Levelling Smart Trolleys.
  • Gentle on library materials.
  • Safe and energy efficient.
  • Smallest footprint on the market.

The Arcus sorters are compatible with many Library Management Systems and RFID tag formats.