Outdoor RFID Return Kiosk

This library kiosk system is designed for simplified deployment and 24x7 operation. It interfaces with the library management system to accept the return of library resources with an RFID tag. The flap door of the kiosk will unlock when it detects library resources.

The kiosk is designed to receive books without damage as they drop into the internal bin which has a infrared camera controlled self leveling platform. A bin full alert can optionally be sent by email or SMS to a library staff member. Staff can withdraw the bin easily to remove the books and the platform will raise automatically preventing the need for staff to bend over to retrieve items.

Key features:

  • Lockable flap
  • Motorised self-leveling bin
  • LED return/full alert
  • Low power consumption
  • Support 4G connectivity
  • Location of the kiosk can appear in Google map
  • Weather proof (not flood proof)
  • Allows pasting of external vinyl