UHF or LF for Sheep?

Why is UHF RFID is more suited for Sheep and Goats than LF RFID?

UHF 860-960Mhz RFID is better suited for sheep and goats compared with LF Low Frequency 134Khz. The following reasons explain why UHF is better suited and what new enhancements can be made for industry by utilizing UHF RFID compared with the existing LF frequency used on Cattle.

Whilst the livestock industry has invested in LF technology for cattle, it is not necessarily recommended for sheep and goats.

  • New technologies are now available and more widely used that are less expensive and more functional.
  • Using a legacy technology may not be the best way forward to take industry into the future. Using historic (old) technologies may hold back industry from innovation.
  • LF HDX may have been the right choice 10 years ago, but the technology of UHF which is now commonly available provides a solution more suited to the problem that can bring benefits not able to be achieved with legacy technologies.
  • The existing legacy technology used on cattle may not work effectively on other livestock such as sheep. Cattle are of different size and have very different behaviour. They are not the same.
  • Very few other industries use the LF HXD technology that is used by Pest and Cattle. Even the tracking of people, like athletes in sporting events, now use the more suitable UHF technology.
  • Industry should look to evolve and choose technology that can take them into the future.
  • Technology makes more sense if it can be integrated into the complete supply chain.
  • AWEX (Australian Wool Exchange) is beginning to implement UHF RFID in 2016, so UHF will be making its way into farms.
  • Tax payers money should be invested with proper consultation with industry partners. Investing in past technology does not often invest in future growth.

The following details explain why UHF is more suited to sheep and goats and the benefits to industry:

  • UHF technology is more advanced than LF
    • Multiple functionality
  • Functionality to application
  • Cost to industry and tax payer
    • Installation, Service and Maintenance
  • Future proofing with newer technology adopted globally
  • Interoperability with other industries and the rest of the supply chain
    • Other industry applications used on farms
    • Levering on multiple market segments
UHF or LF for Sheep and Goats
The attached whitepaper discusses in some detail the reasons why UHF is more suited for tagging of Sheep and Goats than LF HXD technology that is used for other livestock.