Kiosks & Portals

The Kiosks & Portals service is generally where the RFID hardware is deployed.

A kiosk may take many forms, as may a Portal.

One of Adilam's main value contributions to the RFID equation is our vast experience in matching the key hardware components to each given application problem.

Each discrete application problem needs a unique blend of RFID reader, Antenna and tag for it to be successful.

Just a few of the specific considerations for RFID are highlighted below:

  • some applications require the tag to be close to the reading point, others at a distance
  • some tags will need to carried by humans, some applied to plastic, others applied to metal
  • some tags will be placed on long life assets, others for one time use on an inventory item
  • some applications expect the tag to pass through a detection point quickly, and others expect the tag to be present all the time

All of these considerations and many more are taken into account when Adilam recommends the mix of components for any given solution and the Arcus cloud application is rapidly assembled from the building blocks as a built for purpose solution.