Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Computing?


A cloud is basically a virtual network where the Internet is between the client applications and the server application. There are many advantages to cloud based computing, but of most interest is the lower cost and greater ease of deployment.

Adilam's cloud is a secure and reliable solution, stored on world class infrastructure using the most reliable IP network available on virtual servers for added redundancy all managed by in-house team.

What is RFID?


RFID technology is used to replace traditional barcode systems and Electronic Article Security (EAS) systems where barcode is utilised for item identification and EAS for item surveillance or security. Presently most major supermarkets will use barcode for inventory control and also for Self Service. Barcode technology is inexpensive and it works well using EAS technology for security. The problem is that security gates will only alarm with sensitised tag devices, but the item that triggered the alarm cannot be easily identified.

Who is Adilam?


Adilam is a leading technology solution provider and implementation partner in the area of Radio Frequency Identification. Through our experienced and highly skilled team of Hardware, IT and Software Engineers, and our global network of world leading partners, we provide a range of RFID hardware and software solutions with a specific focus on leveraging the benefits of RFID technology for our clients business. Adilam utilises best of breed technology and best practice techniques to design and implement all of its solutions. Our core focus is to improve our client's bottom line by: