About Us

Adilam is a leading technology solution provider and implementation partner in the area of Radio Frequency Identification. Through our experienced and highly skilled team of Hardware, IT and Software Engineers, and our global network of world leading partners, we provide a range of RFID hardware and software solutions with a specific focus on leveraging the benefits of RFID technology for our clients business. Adilam utilises best of breed technology and best practice techniques to design and implement all of its solutions. Our core focus is to improve our client's bottom line by:

  • Simplifying technical complexity
  • Implementing technology based process improvements
  • Delivering real-time intelligence for our client’s business

Adilam Electronics was established in 1988 and became a major supplier of electronic components to the Australian and New Zealand markets. In June 2007 Adilam Electronics was sold to Arrow Electronics, a major global supplier of electronic components. Adilam Technologies Pty Ltd was established as a separate entity at this time with several key members of staff to use their gained knowledge of markets and opportunities to develop demonstrate and sell new products and services based mainly on RFID micro technology and supporting hardware and software.

Adilam Technologies based in Melbourne has been operational since 2006, providing RFID solutions to a wide market segment. Adilam Technologies provides RFID hardware and software solutions to a diverse range of customers. Some of these applications include Library Management, Waste Management, Athlete tracking, Motocross, Health, People tracking, Retail, and Logistics.